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Alison Littlewood and Thomas Fletcher

Chapter Six: This Means of Darkening the Things We Love (a Hallowe’en Special)…

…in which I venture into deepest Transylvania to speak with Alison Littlewood and Thomas Fletcher. Topics include: nature, fear, death, standing stones, the Moors and plumbing.

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Who is Alison?

Alison’s A Cold Season was selected for this year’s Richard and Judy Bookclub. For those not in the know, the Richard and Judy Bookclub has been one of the most surprising and most influential forces in publishing in recent history. They pick engrossing novels which subsequently go on to sell in numbers most writers can only dream about. It’s not difficult to see why they picked Alison’s book: it’s readable, brilliantly paced and boasts a sense of place so strong you’re left wondering why all writers don’t set their novels in small, snowbound villages in the North. Beyond this book she’s also a prolific short story writer who’s been published in mainstays such as Best New Horror and Black Static.

Who is Tom?

Tom has now published three novels, the most recent of which, The Ravenglass Eye, was published last month. His writing is both consistent and consistently good: set in a fictional rendering of the rural North West, it tends to present the surrounding landscape as powerful and almost sentient. It’s in these places his characters find their emotional lives played out with a pathos not often found in horror fiction. If that all sounds a bit high-minded, he also writes about werewolves and screaming crabs. He’s also a creative workhorse: he’s not even 40 and his fourth book is already with his publisher.


Let the Right One In – John Ajvide Lindqvist coming of age story about insanity, community and vampires.

The Ritual – Adam Nevill, who made a name for himself by so deftly transposing the uncanny into busy urban cityscapes, took off into theĀ ScandinavianĀ wilds with his third novel in which a group of university friends get lost in the woods and unwittingly awaken something awful.

Stephen King – don’t pretend not to know who Stephen King is.


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